To be blunt, our focus is on helping you make more money as a speaker.

We don’t mean to speak out of line here…

But most speaking organizations only focus on the actual practice of being a speaker. If you’re good, perhaps they can help you get booked. If you’re lucky, you might even get paid a decent wage. But where is the organization that focuses on helping speakers get great at speaking in the first place? Where is the community that helps people understand how they get known as an expert in their field, what organizations are looking for, and what are all the various ways you can actually make an amazing living as a speaker.


There’s something that most professional, highly-paid, highly sought-after speakers aren’t telling you: There is a science to becoming the best of the best. There’s a path to understanding what organizations are looking for, how to craft and create talks that get attention, and how to structure the way you do business that can make you sought after and highly paid.

Most organizations won’t tell you this.

We will
. It’s what this organization is all about.


We know you can’t make money as a speaker without first becoming an incredible presenter. We know you can’t wow an audience without a killer keynote.



That’s why we have created a community for professional speakers, aspiring speakers, and anyone who wants to master the art of public speaking for profit and exposure.


It’s also for those “wannabes” who think they are speakers but really aren’t.

They are the ones who talk about being a speaker but have never been paid a decent wage to give a talk. They talk about how to sell from the stage but have never understood the process of wowing an audience and creating a connection that drives people to the back of the rooms in herds. They are the ones who desperately need help but are terrified that anyone knows that maybe they haven’t gotten this all figured out.

We’re here for you. And that’s why we’re calling you out.

Because we HAVE figured this out. And we have the credentials to prove it
Being able to speak in front of an audience is vital for anyone in business. Whether you’re the CEO or head of sales, the ability to speak coherently and powerfully can often mean the difference between success and failure.

If you want to make money as a speaker, then you must learn how to make money as a speaker.


Our SPEAK Community will educate you on all the various ways to leverage your speaking opportunities into money and profit including:

leverage1 leverage2


Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.

We want to change the way you think about what speaking is, what it is for, and how it can help you make money.

What you don’t know can cost you (potential) money.

For instance, did you know that one of the best ways to make money as a speaker is paying to get on the stage? It’s true. Some of the most successful speakers in the world will pay to get on stage for an opportunity to sell to their ideal clients.


The point is that we want you to see that success as a speaker comes from understanding how this industry works, and then exploiting it for fame and profit.