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For professional speakers, aspiring speakers, and ANYONE who wants to enter the field of professional speaking for profit and exposure.


A year-long program featuring live and virtual training from some of the most highly paid speakers in the speaking industry.  

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  • It’s one of your best tools for gaining massive exposure.
  • It’s one of the smartest ways to brand yourself as an authority and expert.
  • It’s one of most impactful way to educate others on what you do and why it’s important.



And that’s the big problem. Most speakers, even the great ones (the ones who know how to bring an auditorium to their knees), don’t understand the business of speaking.

And that’s the first lesson we are here to teach you: Speaking, getting paid to speak, and making money from speaking, is a business.


It is not a hobby. It is not something you can half-ass and hope to get good. It’s a real live business and requires a complete skill set that includes mastering the art of speaking from the stage, getting known for being the best in the field, and then ultimately parlaying that into both paid opportunities and selling from the stage.




There’s a lot of “speaking organizations” that don’t teach the process of developing the skill set. They don’t teach you what companies are looking for and how to use that knowledge to get booked and get paid.

Even if you are an amazing speaker, what good does it do you if you can’t leverage your skills to make money?






There are lots of ways to make money from the stage. You can be a lowly paid keynote speaker or a highly sought after one. You can sell from the stage or use the stage to generate leads for massive follow up.


The reality is there are lots of ways to leverage speaking into creating the income and lifestyle you want. But you can’t know where to begin, or how to get better than you are without having a keen understanding of what it takes to thrive in this industry.



A year-long program featuring live and virtual training from some of the most highly paid speakers in the industry.


It’s ideal for:

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What do we focus on? It’s quite simple:

get-goodYou can’t be a professional speaker until you get really good.

We’re not talking about doing an impromptu talk that once every 6 weeks at your local chamber of commerce. We’re talking about understanding the fundamentals of what makes for a great talk and then practicing and honing your skill until you can win a room over with one hand behind your back.


get-knownIt’s not enough to be good. You have to know how to get out there and get known for what you do.

This means understanding what your ideal audiences are looking for, and how to develop a message, point of view, and platform that gets people talking about you, asking about you, and actively seeking you out.


get-paidIn the end, speaking is about making money.

Whether it’s getting paid up front for a keynote, selling product at the back of the room, or engaging in high-priced offers from the stage, there’s a psychology and acumen needed to turn your speaking talent into money.